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Join the Plastic-Free Movement

Our sustainable snacks are more than just delicious—they're a commitment to a healthier planet. Every year, billions of plastic items pollute our oceans and landfills, posing a severe threat to wildlife and ecosystems. And some of the biggest pollutors to plastic packaging? The country's leading food and beverage companies.

By choosing our snacks, you're taking a stand against this environmental crisis. While we know snacks is not the entire answer, it's a simple step in the right direction.

By advocating for our snacks, you’re helping to create a culture of sustainability and care. Thank you for being a champion of the plastic-free movement in your office. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Hi! I'm Kate, the founder of Sun & Swell

Our journey began with a simple idea: snacks should nourish our bodies and protect our planet. While on the surface, we are a snack food company...behind-the-scenes we are working on something much bigger: trying to eliminate single-use plastic from the snack food industry.

Thank you for supporting Sun & Swell. Together, we’re creating a future where every snack break is a step towards a healthier planet.